Between humanity and divinity

in literature, art, religion and culture

The 12th Annual International Conference of Taiwan Association of Classic, Medieval and Renaissance Studies
National Chi Nan University (NCNU), Puli, Nantou, Taiwan
19-20, October, 2018

Welcome to the website of TACMRS 2018,

Between Humanity and Divinity: In Literature, Art, Religion and Culture, an interdisciplinary conference organised by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature and the Centre of Language Teaching and Research at National Chi Nan University. Our university is situated in a mountainous area and close to the famous tourist attraction Sun Moon Lake. Please do enjoy intellectual dialogues with peers in the pastoral beauty our campus has to offer.

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Day 1 (October 19th)

Time Schedule
09:00-10:40 Registration
bus leaves Taichung THSR station at 9:20
10:40-10:50 Opening Ceremony
10:50-11:50 Keynote Speech by William Franke
11:50-13:10 Lunch Break
13:10-14:20 First Session (3 Panels)
14:20-14:50 Tea Break
14:50-16:00 Second Session (3 Panels)
16:00-18:00 Trip to Sun Moon Lake
18:30-20:30 Banquet

Day 2 (October 20th)

Time Schedule
08:30-09:40 Registration
09:40-10:40 Keynote Speech by Professor Lowell Gallagher
10:40-10:50 Tea Break
10:50-12:00 Third Session (3 Panels)
12:00-13:40 Lunch Break and TACMRS Meeting
13:40-14:50 Fourth Session (3 Panels)
14:50-15:10 Tea Break
15:10-16:20 Fifth Session (3 Panels)
16:20-16:30 Closing Ceremony
16:30 bus leaves the college of Humanities,NCNU at 16:40

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