Time October 19, 2018 (Friday)
*Presentations marked in green are delivered in Mandarin.
9:00~10:40 Registration (bus leaves Taichung THSR Station at 9:20)
10:40~10:50 Opening Ceremony
10:50~11:50 主題演講 Keynote (I) William Franke
( moderator:王儀君)
11:50~13:10 Lunch Break
13:10~14:20 A 古希政史(康士林) B 性別(林為正) C 但丁及其影響(李慧玲)
Anthony Wesolowski (衞欣齊) (Associate Professor, Fu Jen University)

Cultures, Myths and Beliefs Which Fashioned a Nation
Liu Chun (劉淳) (Associate Professor, Department of English, Peking University)

Erotic Magic in Ancient Greece: Gender, Power and Heroism
Brian K. Reynolds (余哲安, Assistant Professor, Fu Jen Catholic University)

Between Heaven and Earth in Dante’s “Heaven of the Fixed Stars”
Hsu Chia-Lin (許家琳) (Assistant Professor, Department of History, Tung Hai University)

The Myth of Geryoneus and the Greeks’ Concept of the World
Philip M. M. Sced (李鈞皓) (PhD student, Department of English, National Changhua University of Education)   Towards a comparison of attitudes to sexual intercourse in the Classic of Poetry (Shijing) and of Songs (Sir Hassirim) 林錥鋕 (Associate Professor, Department of English, National Central University)

Wu Ching-Yuan (PhD student, University of Pennsylvania)

Rural Koina in Macedonia: Cultic or Social Organizations?
張子翔(Ph.D. Student, Shanghai Normal University)

歐洲中世紀盛期對 “Hermaphroditus”的解讀
Wei Caroline Ruling (魏如羚)  (MA student, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Cheng Kung University)

A Gift for Everyman: Spiritual Awakening as Illumination of Heavenly Wisdom in Dante Alighier The Divine Comedy, Volume1: Inferno
14:20~14:50 Tea Break
14:50~16:00 A 醫藥與醫治 ( Kang Jisoo) B 莎士比亞的詮釋(許以心) C 米爾頓(李祁芳)
Ichiro Taida (泰田伊知朗) (Associate professor, Toyo University)

Ambrosia and Nectar in Classical Literature
Lee Chin-Ching (李晶菁) (Assistant Professor, Department of English, Da-Yeh University)

King Lear as a Godless Document Emptied
Huang Chia-Yin (黃嘉音)(Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Chinese Culture University)

God-chosen and/or Self-choosing: The Role of the Deliverer in Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes
James L. Zainaldin (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of the Classics, Harvard University)

Medicine between Gods and Men: Temple Medicine, Dream Healing, and “Rational” Medicine in Ancient Greece
黃柏源(Lecturer, Language Centre, National Chi Nan University)

Shakespeare’s Improver (?):Charles Lamb and a Romantic Shakespeare
Chung Shu-mei (鍾淑玫) ( Adjunct Assistant   Professor, Department of Applied English, I-Shou University)

A New Historicist Interpretation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost
Katherine D. van Schaik (MD PhD Candidate, Department of the Classics, Harvard University)

Christus medicus on the second- to fourth-century Christian sarcophagi of the Vatican Museums
Hsu Ching Chung (徐慶鐘) (Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, National Chiayi University) Distancing of Man from Gods Yang Chien-wei (楊健威) (Lecturer., English Taught Program, National Chengchi University)

From Passions to Affections: Divine Emotions in Paradise Lost
16:00~18:00 Trip to Sun Moon Lake
18:30-20:30 Banquet